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Isamu Noguchi Considered as Master of Sculptural Design    10/23/2013

Isamu Noguchi (1904 - 1988) was known for his sensitive use of materials. Noguchi often used wood in his furniture designs to make biomorphic sculptures related to surrealism.

One of the great sculptors of ...

Poul Kjaerholm Focusing on Artistic Steel Furniture    9/17/2013

As we see the works designed by Poul Kjaerholm (PK24 chaise lounge chair,PK22 chair,PK31 lounge chair,PK31 easychair and sofa),it is obvious reveal Poul Kjaerholm's design theory - use stainless steel and other natural materials such as wood,leather,cane,marb ...

Great Danish Furniture Architect - Børge Mogensen    9/17/2013

We know that most poeople have heard of Børge Mogensen, since we are the big fans of those popular danish furniture like Borge Mogensen Spanish Chair,Hunting Chair,Borge Mogensen J39 Dining Chair,Borge Mogensen 2212 + 2213 Sofa,Borge Mogensen 2202 High ...

Genuine Leather Marshmallow Sofa by George Nelson    9/4/2013

George Nelson is one of the most creative desginers.He designed products like clocks, lamps and furniture.Let us see some his works of art furniture: George Nelson Bench, Coconut Chair, End Table, Marshmal ...

Cassina Le Corbusier Basculant LC1 Sling Chair    8/14/2013

Modern Bauhaus style LC1 Chair is your wise and appropriate selection for use in the home or office.It can truly be used in many different settings even where there is much room around.LC1 sling chair can also be used outdoor. Featured in the Museum’s collect ...

Knoll Mies Van Der Rohe Stainless Steel Brno Chair    8/6/2013

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe designed many iconic modern classic chairs, now we will feature brno chair,which is one of of Mies’most popular designs. Our brno chair is reproduced in the style of the original design.

Finn Juhl Model 46 Sofa    7/26/2013

Finn juhl designed model 46 sofa or called model 4600 sofa in 1946 for a smaller upholstery company named Carl Brørup. At that time Finn Juhl was very much inspired by modern art especially by Picasso, Henry More.

FurnID Designed New Organic Stouby Frost Chair    7/26/2013

The stouby frost chair was created in 2011 and its simple elegance and sculptural form are the unique expression of the fresh design style, we believe this futuristic design chair can attract most people's eyes who like modern classic furniture.

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